donderdag 1 juni 2017

Classic shirt -Liesl+co.

I can`t remember when I made my last shirt, must be a few years back  ( also a blue one :) )  but I really wanted a new one. I have a few patterns in my stash ( actually a lot of them if I count also the Burda/Knipmode/Patrones magazines) but this one, the Classic shirt from Liesl+ co. came very fast on the top of my list.

The pattern has cup sizing A,B,C and D , this is always a plus for me, it has a relaxed fit but not boxy, a nice hem shape and I love the collar. It was the first time sewing with a PDF from Liesl+co but everything went smooth; layered pattern tiles, so I  printed only my size.

I bought the pattern after I saw the Sew Along on their blog. That convinced me that I could sew the collar and the sleeve plackets without too much trouble. And yes, it was so so easy. Everything is so well explained with clear pictures.

I made my shirt in size 4C and after making a muslin I made a few changes: 1.5cm off from the shoulder seam, the bodice and sleeves shortened by 4 cm and also typical for me, 2 cm sway back adjustment. Also, I moved the buttonholes a little in order to get one button at my high bust line.

I like the width of the sleeves and also the size of the collar. To sew the pockets I draped the shirt over my pressing ham, to get them nicely placed over the bust dart.

Of course, I made it in a simple ( boring )  blue fabric, cotton/polyester, but now that I am happy with the fit I can go wild...probably some blueprints :))). The plus side is that I can wear it with a lot of things, even with my  Kiera maxi skirt.

Love the slightly shaped yoke and the small pleats. 

I am so happy with this shirt, I love the fit and it is pretty easy to sew too. 

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  1. that looks so good and the fit is really nice.

  2. Thank you so much, Beth! You make the most beautiful and perfect fitted shirts !