Friday, March 4, 2022

Making #McCalls7842 fitting, test garments and pattern adjustemnts



I am currently working on McCalls7842 and I have on my YouTube channel two videos about it.

In the first video, I am talking about size decisions, paper pattern fitting, and the first pattern adjustments based on this " tissue fitting" : swayback adjustment for a piece that must be cut on the fold, full bust adjustment.
I am also showing how to add a hidden button placket to this pattern. The pattern has a hidden button placket but is made out of different pieces and I didn´t want that. To made it easier and bulk-free I drafted to be cut on the pattern. In my first video, I explain that. I also share a few fabric options.

In the second video, I am sharing my two ( and a half) test garments and the adjustments that I made based on the fitting of these test garments: adding a bust dart, raising the point of dart, and narrow shoulder adjustment. 

Now I am working on my shirt and I can´t wait to share my final video with my finished shirt. If you are a subscriber to my channel ( if not, please consider:) be sure to put your notifications on ( hit the little bell next to the subscribed button) and you will get a message when the new video is live! 

Happy sewing everyone and take care!