Thursday, March 21, 2019

Denim dress Clara pattern by Designer Stitch

A new Designer Stitch pattern today, this time the latest dress pattern, the Clara dress!
Princess seams in the front, round or V neck options, cap sleeves, flutter sleeves or sleeveless, three length options and the flirty flounce at the hem, and to make it all perfect you get also cup sizing B,C,D , DD.

You can find my YouTube review here.

I love the High-Low hem in the longest version!

Here are all the options.

I love denim dresses so when I had to choose the fabric for this dress and Ann, the designer behind the Designer Stitch brand, was writing that Clara doesn't have to be fancy my mind went directly to Denim!
I have a few pieces in my stash but finding the right one, suitable for this pattern was no easy and I almost went online to search some new denim:) 
I needed a piece of denim without stretch but also not to heavy because I was concerned about the flounce, the fabric needed a bit of drape to get the flounce to fall nice. 
This denim that I finally chose is not the perfect one, as it does have a bit of stretch and that threw my fit a bit off. 

I made my test garment in non-stretch cotton sateen and made the adjustments based on that kind of fabric. So, what we all know, always make your test garment in the same kind of fabric ( weight/drape/stretch/non-stretch) you are going to use for your final garment!

Based on freshly taken body measurements I started with a size 3B for the upper part and 4 for the hips but next time I will use a straight 3B.

Fit adjustments

Here, on my YouTube channel, you can see my review on this pattern and there I am also talking about my fit adjustments.
Even before I started on my test garment I made a swayback adjustment on the pattern, 2cm and later based on my test garment I took a total of 4cm at the center back neck ( in the test garment 2cm was enough but in the denim dress, because of the slight stretch I had to take 2cm extra off), tapered the skirt at the front princess seams and made the side of the skirt a bit straighter to fit my body shape.

Sewing details

After the fit was done it was only sewing and when topstitching is involved for me is happy sewing!
I love the different seam allowances in the Designer Stitch patterns, of course, you need to get used with this, you always find that in the sewing instructions. It saves a lot of time by not having to trim the seam allowance like when you would sew a neckline with 1.5cm SA  and having small SA in curved seams is making it also easier to sew. 
The dress has an invisible zipper at the center back. 
The neckline and armholes are finished with an all in one facing. Very easy to apply following the instructions.
 For topstitching, I used my new Pfaff 720 and I am very pleased with how that worked. I find that this machine sews easier over thicker seams and the stitch quality is great! I used a topstitching needle and a 3.5  stitch length. For the belt, I used the same color thread as the topstitching thread but the standard thickness.

I am very happy with this dress, it was a very enjoyable project. I love the fit over the bust and the flirty flounce! You can see here a small action video too.

Happy Sewing!

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Patrones Magazine 395

Patrones 395 arrived, and pretty much on time ( together with the 2018 December issue, so it was a good day today :)).

This issue is full of amazing, everyday dresses and the pattern I love the most is a jeans like my dream jacket, classic but with the perfect length and fit.
I made also a video review with more details about the patterns if you would like to see  you can find it here:

...and here are all the pictures 

Happy Sewing! xx

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

#Itchtostitch PDF #sewingpattern Orono top video review

I tested a new Itch to Stitch pattern, the Orono top and I made two new tops with it. Lovely pattern with an interesting crossover front and cool pockets. 

I made a size 6 , based on the finished garments measurements and I did not make my usual swayback adjustment  but I am not sure if the small bunching occurring at the back is because of the need of a swayback adjustment or because my top is a bit to snug around my time I will consider that too. 

But these tops are great for the weather we have now so I am very happy to have them in my wardrobe.

My review is now on YouTube :

Aff link to the pattern :Link to the pattern (affiliate)

Happy sewing!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Jojo dress sewing pattern by #designerStitch review and video tutorial

During testing, I made two garments with the Jojo pattern from Designer Stitch and I also filmed the making process of one of them, the skirt add-on variation. All the details are in this video.
The tutorial starts at minute 13.10

This is a great pattern with lots of options for endless variations.
Jojo sewing pattern at Designer Stitch shop (aff) Jojo dress pattern

Links for more Designer Stitch fun:

Designer Stitch Facebook group support: The Ella PJ set is free until mid-March 2019 But there are exciting new things coming so don`t miss it.

...and the action video!

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Happy sewing!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Unboxing the Pfaff 720 Quilt Expression and the present box.

After using my Pfaff 4.2 Quilt Expression for 4 years I wanted a change so I went with a pretty similar machine :))) but with a few extra features. 
In this video, you can see the unboxing of the Pfaff 720 and the Pfaff expression line present box.