Sunday, October 21, 2018

Chelsea cardigan sewing tutorial DIY

A full sewing tutorial on making the Chelsea Cardigan from Designer Stitch! 
Happy Sewing!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Patrones Magazine 390

For Burda Magazine, I see always previews weeks before I get it in my mailbox but for Patrones is very hard to find something online. Sometimes I see it on a Russian blog but it does happen to see what is inside just when I get my own copy, exciting and even better when I see things I will like to make/wear. This are my picks from Patrones 390, the November issue.

This is the cover skirt. I love the length with the long slit in the back, the shape of the front pockets and the yoke shape. This skirt is going high on my sewing list and I think I will make it in denim and of course with contrasting topstitching. 

These jeans are also very nice. Love the model foto in combination with the ankle boots and the fur vest ( which is also a pattern in the magazine) There are a lot of small pieces to sew for these pants, the waist part is all made from small pieces, so a lot of lines to align. 

Another cool pair of pants. The back has an extra piece that is getting inserted in the back leg and, even if it is not visible in the tech drawing the front pocket has also an extra piece, like a small yoke. A lot of nice elements.  I don`t like the fur inserts in the top !

...and this skirt and blouse are very nice for my little one. Lovely seams on the skirt and the knot on the blouse and the placket on the sleeve are also nice details. The vest is also a pattern. The kid's patterns are in this issue 6-8-10 years

And here are the rest of the patterns :

Love the black stretch skirt too! 

The pocket detail is terrible, I think! The pants are nice! The back waistband going into the front pockets is actually wide elastic in the same color as the fabric!



...a few pretty dresses


And plus-size patterns: 

Nice sleeve detail on the sleeves of this trench and a nice dress with ties.

and for little boys a jacket and pants

So, what do you all think? I think there are nice patterns to choose from .
Happy sewing !