Friday, March 4, 2022

Making #McCalls7842 fitting, test garments and pattern adjustemnts



I am currently working on McCalls7842 and I have on my YouTube channel two videos about it.

In the first video, I am talking about size decisions, paper pattern fitting, and the first pattern adjustments based on this " tissue fitting" : swayback adjustment for a piece that must be cut on the fold, full bust adjustment.
I am also showing how to add a hidden button placket to this pattern. The pattern has a hidden button placket but is made out of different pieces and I didn´t want that. To made it easier and bulk-free I drafted to be cut on the pattern. In my first video, I explain that. I also share a few fabric options.

In the second video, I am sharing my two ( and a half) test garments and the adjustments that I made based on the fitting of these test garments: adding a bust dart, raising the point of dart, and narrow shoulder adjustment. 

Now I am working on my shirt and I can´t wait to share my final video with my finished shirt. If you are a subscriber to my channel ( if not, please consider:) be sure to put your notifications on ( hit the little bell next to the subscribed button) and you will get a message when the new video is live! 

Happy sewing everyone and take care! 

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Bella set from Designer Stitch plus sewing tututorials

 Designer Stitch has a new pattern, actually, there are 5 patterns packed in one set! The Bella set includes a camisole and four styles of briefs. These are the perfect patterns to step into making your own lingerie/undergarments.

The pattern is designed for cotton jersey and is perfect for small pieces of jersey, I always keep those, and I never could decide what to make with them :)  The edges of the briefs and the front edge of the camisole are finished with stretch lace trim and the shoulder bands of the camisole are made with fold-over elastic.

Link to the Designer Stitch Shop

The cotton jersey used for all these is from Driessenstoffen, from their #byLisan collection, a 200 gr/m² type of cotton jersey, I think this is the perfect weight for this garment.

For the camisole there are cups sizes included, which makes it very easy to get the perfect size. 

It is easily addictive to make this set. I have already a bunch of these camisoles and a few different styles of briefs.

I made a series of 5 videos on my Youtube channel including a tutorial for the camisole and one for sewing the gee/Brazilian style bottom.

Look for the timestamps in the videos description or the chapters at the bottom of the video page...there you can choose to skip to different parts of the videos.

In my intro video you can see me wearing one of my Bella camisoles and I am showing you a few options for fabric and also very briefly how I made the swayback adjustment. Also a few tips on how to choose the size you need to make.

Episode 1 is about marking and sewing the darts. I am showing my way of marking the dart, really easy and finishing at the dart points.
Episode 2 is about  preparing the lace to get a perfect motief at the center front  and sewing it with the sewing machine or with the coverstitch machine

Episode 3 is about sewing the fold over elastic ( with the sewing machine or coverstitch machine) and making the shoulder bands

The latest tutorial on the Bella set is a full tutorial on sewing the thong-style bottom.
I show how to apply the lace edging, sew the crotch lining and finish the side seam.

I love this set, I love wearing the camisoles and the bottoms, so comfortable and beautiful, easy to make, and oh so pretty!

Happy sewing! xx