Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Nadinchen Tunic and Dress Free pattern from Lachwichtel

When I have no idea what to sew for myself ....or I have too many ideas and can`t decide :) I just make something for my little girl. This time I saw on a Facebook group this super cute tunic/dress. It is a pattern from a couple of years ago, free, from a German designer.

For the video review, you can go here

The name is Nadinchen Reloaded and it has an option for a hood and a big collar and pockets. The sizes are 62/68-158/164 . It gives a great possibility for color blocking and if you try a Google search you will find a sea of inspiration, really great ones made in different prints/colors, trims and so on.

But me, being me and I think Lisa is a litlle bit like me :) she was not in bright colors or flowers ( not that I have that in my stash anyway and I try to avoid buying more fabric)  we decided to use this gold foil print Ponti knit with a black Ponti accent for the first try. I also could not decide which size to make, I just can`t find the size chart! The sizes are on the pattern pieces but I can`t find the chart, so I did a bit of measuring and decided on 146/152 for this version. For the sleeve, I used the 146/152 sleeve and from that I cut 5cm off and added the cuffs 4cm wide ( doubled of course so that makes the cuff piece 8cm wide plus SA)

Very important! The seam allowance is not included!

The pattern instructions are in German but with a lot of pictures for each step and the pattern is really pretty easy, but very important is to know that the seam allowance (SA) is not included. To add mine I use some magnets on my scissors and cut my pieces. You can also measure with a seam gauge and mark it with chalk or add it on the paper pieces first. 
Having no SA  does has its benefits as I could measure the pattern much better and easier to get the idea for the fit. 

I think this size is a bit too big for Lisa but she will grow ( :)) and that is ok. I added also the pockets but, because it is a bit too long on her the pockets are of course way to low....she found it funny to have her pockets almost to the knees :)). With that in mind, I made another version but I wanted a tunic, smaller size 134/140 ( that is actually also her RTW size) and no pockets and no band at the hem.

This is made in a thick knit fabric and is perfect for the cold weather. You can clearly see the difference in one size on this pattern. I only kept the sleeve length from the other size. 

This is a very easy pattern and also very fast to sew. This tunic is entirely made on the serger so it was very fast finished. 

Taking pictures of Lisa wearing the things I am making for her is a challenge...she is the sweetest but I need my patience :)), most of the pictures are like this! :)) She is happy with this two makes, and the black/gold dress was her choice to wear at the Christmas celebration at school...that means she loves it :))

PS: the pattern is free but on her website, there is a PayPal button where you can "buy a cup of tea"  to support her work. I made the pattern first and because I am happy with the pattern I did support her :) 

Happy sewing! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Aenne Burda Movie

  The two parts film about Aenne Burda is out. You can see it on the ARD television website. I just finished part 1 and it was a joy to watch! The second part will air on TV , next week, but you can see it online already....and I just noticed, when watching online, if you have you translating feature turned on, on your browser ( I am using Chrome) the German subtitles are getting automatically cool is that ?! :)) Enjoy !! The videos are online til 04-03-2019
Part 1   

Part 2