Friday, February 24, 2017

Megan skirt -Designer Stitch Patterns

Skirts! I started to sew in 2008, heaving no idea what "the straight grain " was, I had to search that up to get started and only in 2012 or something I started to think about making the things I was sewing, really fit me. Anyway, back to skirts; in all these years I think I did not make more than 5 skirts, it is not really a piece that I wear. I did test a few patterns for Ann Grose from Designer Stitch Patterns so when she came with the testers call for the Megan skirt I thought that this will be a nice opportunity to start making some skirts.

This skirt pattern is really nice, I mean I find it very flattering, easy to wear and to make. This version above is made in a very nice corduroy, which I bought, last year, with a skirt in my mind. This is made in size 2 and 5 cm shorter than the pattern.

The Megan skirt pattern can be made with or without pockets and there is, of course, the possibility of color blocking and using different prints for the panels and yoke, as many of the other testers have done ( beautiful skirts there, all to be seen on the product page on the Designer Stitch Shop) but I went with the plain solids as I know that this will be something I will wear.

This blue version is made in size 3 for the waistband and 2 for the rest and 5 cm shorter than the pattern. This was the first one I made and I decided for the straight size 2 on the corduroy as I felt this one falling a little to low on my waist. The blue fabric is a stretch cotton. Love the pockets...really easy to construct.

The back has a centered zipper at the center.
The instructions are very clear as always and I think for an advanced beginner this is a great project to make.  

This corduroy was bought at the same time with the sweater knit from my last Hepburn because I had in mind that a skirt made with it will go nicely with a turtleneck made of this stripes. I really like the combination. 

The Megan Skirt is now on Sale for a limited time at The Designer Stitch Shop

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hepburn Turtleneck - Itch to Stitch

First time I made the Hepburn Turtleneck  was in March last year, testing the pattern for Kennis from "Itch to Stitch".
I made then two of them and both are still quite often worn. I kept the pattern on sight to be sure I will not forget to make more. And now after almost one year I finally made two more Hepburns. 

I made size 6 blending to size 4 from the waist down. Further no changes . The fabric on both is a soft sweater knit. 

This is very fast sewn. I think that in one hour you are done, from cutting to wear it. That of course if you are not going to choose a striped fabric with all kind of different small stripes. The right side is almost perfect matched, the left side not so much, oh well...nothing to stress about ...hahaha.

Everything is sewn on the overlocker and the hems are done with the twin needle. Love a fast project with a very low failure percentage :). The fit is really nice, I think I could make a FBA on a next one. I love the fit on the shoulders, something that I need to adjust almost every time. 

I am not sure about this color on me, but this fabric is so lovely ,soft and perfect for this pattern.

Very happy with this two pieces. Next, I just finished two skirts, a pattern testing for Designer Stitch, the designer brand from the Bridget top. Next week is going to be released and I will blog then about them. On my table now is a dress   from Knipmode  2/2015, made a muslin and a few adjustments, but still not sure about it .We will see...

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