Friday, January 20, 2017

Bridget top with mid spiral sleeve by Designer Stitch Patterns

This is my second Bridget Top, the newest pattern from Designer Stitch. The first one I made was with the split sleeves and as much I like that one, this one is really my favorite! I bought this fabric maybe a year ago with a top like this in my mind, it has great drape and I love the texture. 

I used the same bodice from the blue version but obviously with other sleeves. I was going for a relax fit, to let the fabric drape nice so I made no waist darts at the front and back. From my original size two, starting from the lower bust leg I started to blend to size 4, and at the hips to size 6. Sizing up at the waist and hips made it possible to eliminate the zipper back closure. The neckline is finished with a single fold bias, instead of the original facing. I saw this very nice explained in the Craftsy Class Sewing on the Edge, with Lynda Maynard, a lot of finishing techniques there, also for fine and sheer fabrics.

 As in the pattern,  the spiral flounce is double, but because I was afraid that that will make it to heavy I just made it from one layer and made a baby rolled hem. After trying a few times with the rolled hem foot and every time with disastrous results I made it without that foot, using the standard foot of the sewing machine and a method similar to this but without the second stitching line. It went great, the fabric pressed pretty easy so that helped.

I made french seams for the side seams for a clean finish and to made them more resistant to stress.

How cool is this skin smoothing thing for Photoshop :)....really cool I think, hahaha.
So, I am very happy with this blouse! The fabric was perfect for this pattern and I really want to give a try to another option of the Bridget Top, the gathered flutter sleeve ( part of the short sleeve pack ), all the testers versions are so inspiring!

The Bridget Top is now on Sale for a limited time and if you want all 7 sleeve options you can use the coupon code SLEEVEADDON to enable the second Bridget pattern to be purchased at 1/2 price =$4.50 US

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bridget Top by Designer Stitch Patterns

I have so many pretty fabrics in my stash, just for this kind of tops and I do have a lot of patterns but still, everytime I want to have the perfect pattern for my precious fabrics ( not really precious in money but more as in "oh , I love you and I want the perfect match for you ") . 
This is the Bridget Top from Designer Stitch ch patterns . I applied to test this pattern because I love the style and the designer, Ann Grose, is such an inspiration, always positive and supportive so a pleasure to work with.  

The Bridget Top is a semi-fitted top with 3 long sleeves variations: long bell cufflet, split sleeve with ties and a spiral fluted cufflet. Also there are 2 necklines possibilities, 2 lengths, and an optional soft tie belt. Most important for me is that the pattern offers cups sizes ( B, C, D, DD) and that makes the fitting really easy. The top has two bust darts, back and front waist darts and shoulder darts on the back. 

I made, obviously, the split sleeve option, low hip length, and round neckline. I made it in size 2 C and changed only the position of the dart, a little higher. I love the fit, and not working for days to get it right, is really a plus for me. Great instructions and very easy to follow. 

The Bridget Top is also available with short sleeves, there you have 4 options, beautiful and on-trend: Mid Elbow Cufflet, Mid Elbow Gathered Cufflet, Gathered Flutter and a Mid Tiered Spiral Sleeve. I also made one Bridget with one of the short sleeves and oh, I love that one! ( tomorrow on the blog) 

The Bridget Top is now on Sale for a limited time and if you want all 7 sleeve options you can use the coupon code SLEEVEADDON to enable the second Bridget pattern to be purchased at 1/2 price =$4.50 US

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Paro Cardigan by Itch to stitch Patterns

Every time Kennis from Itch to Stitch has a tester call I am eager to apply. With this pattern was the same. This is the Paro cardigan, with all the nice elements I like in a cardigan: a slim waist, the nice pleats on the back, it is not tight but also not to loose and depending on the fabric choice I can make it really chic or just casual. I used to have an RTW one that I wore till I had to admit that the poor thing was ready to retire. You can imagine how much I like this new one as I made three during this week of testing.

I think the choice of fabric is very important when deciding to make this pattern. The recovery and the drape of the fabric will affect the end results. The one above is made in a knit with 25% horizontal stretch and I think 5 % vertical stretch.The waist is hanging way too low than the actual pattern. On this version I only made the sleeves 5cm shorter than the pattern.

This one is made out of a jersey with 20% horizontal stretch and no vertical stretch. The upper bodice is shortened by 1.5cm to get the waist at a higher point than the first version, shoulder seam shortened by 3cm ( personal preference as the pattern is designed with more relaxed shoulder line) and sleeves only 2cm shorter than the original pattern. I really like this version .

And this is the third one, made in a heavier knit, something like ponte but with a suede finish ( 20%horizontal stretch with almost none vertical), the pattern the same as I used for the second version. I love this fabric, very happy I have put it to good use.  

Love the back of this pattern! 
This is a really easy pattern. In 5 hours max., including printing and putting all together you will have a Paro ready to wear. 

I made it in size 6 for the upper bodice/bust and blending to size 4 for the waist and down.
The pattern is for a week on Sale for $8 on the Itch to stitch shop .