Monday, April 10, 2017

La Paz jacket

I have so many projects on my "sew "list but patterns like this are pushing the rest of them at the back of that list. This is the latest pattern, the La Paz jacket, tested for  Itch to stitch. It is designed to be sewn in a structured knit fabric and that makes it really comfortable. I made mine in a leather look ponti with no vertical stretch and just a bit of horizontal stretch. I made the jacket in size 4 cup C; that is another nice thing about this pattern, it comes with cup sizing ( A, B, C, D and DD)

The pattern has a lot of nice features, front and back princess seams, two pieces sleeves with rounded corner vents and button closures, double-welt pockets with flaps. The jacket is unlined and you have the option to use Hong Kong seam finish. Well, this last thing, the Hong Kong treatment, I never did that on a jacket, I always make lined jackets/coats. This is a really nice and neat way to finish the seams on any project but boy, it does take a lot of time, really, is like is never ending. But is very pretty! On the Itch to Stitch blog is a tutorial about the Hong Kong finish .

First I want to say that I only apply for testing patterns that I like and I know will fit my style. One of the things I like is that having that deadline I know I have a limited time to finish that project so if I was   to make this, with the bias finishing and everything outside of the test, was a 2 weeks project but like this, it was one week working 2 hours every evening...approximately .

I can`t remember when I did a double welt pocket for the last time, with a flap, never. But these ones were so easy and that was one of those things I was most scared about. Great instructions there, really easy to follow.

This is not a difficult project, but if you are making the Hong Kong finish, be ready to take your time. I must be honest and say the I bought a fuchsia ponti and lining to make a new La Paz, but lined, I just can`t take any more bias binding. I think I can make it in two days, only to take my revenge on that bias binding thing!

So another successful project for me. I think that this pattern, even if it is looking pretty complicated is actually not so difficult to make, the instructions are very good and easy to follow, it has the cup sizing and that makes it really easy to fit 
Happy sewing! 

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