Thursday, May 18, 2017

Passenger Trench Coat for girls -Ottobre Magazine 1/2013

I love this pattern! I wish there was something like this for adults , but until then I will make more for my daughter. This is the Passenger trench from Ottobre Magazine ( 1/2013) . I made it in 2015 in a beautiful cotton stretch print in size 110 and now  I decided on size 128 but I think a size smaller it would have been also ok, this is a little big in the shoulders but I know she is growing so fast so it is fine.

This is the first Passenger, can`t believe that this is 2 years ago!

This is a straight size 128 with the only adjustment for the sleeve length, I shortened the pattern by 1.5 cm . Also, I interfaced the front panel of the jacket, in the instructions is the facing that gets interfaced only. Also, I cut the undercollar on the bias to get a better roll. 

I had a hard time deciding on the buttons for this, but I think these ones are perfect. The color is just enough to pop and with the little silver/gray are not boring. Sewing wise, everything went pretty smooth. I can`t understand the Ottobre instructions always, most of the time actually. But it is a jacket and after you make a few it is like sewing a t-shirt . The fabrics are also easy to handle and press, so no problems.

And talking about boring, the lining is for sure not boring! I told her that she can choose the lining, I know she is crazy about busy, shiny fabrics so there you have it :))). 

I am so pleased with this small trench, I wish I could wear a print trench...:)) Lisa is very happy with it and that makes me even happier.