Sunday, June 17, 2018

Crystal Cove Cami-Itch to Stitch new pattern

A new pattern from Itch to Stitch , the Crystal Cove cami, very easy to make, cup sizing a nice back detail and uses just a bit of fabric!

I made two versions, with very little changes. I made a muslin in size 4C and based on the muslin fit I lifted the whole dart by 1cm. The fabric for the black/pink version is a crepe rayon with just a bit of stretch, the drape is perfect for this pattern.

The neckline is finished with facings and because I did not want to get my pieces too much out of shape, I fused a piece of fabric and from that, I cut my facings, much more stable and easy to handle.

This blue version was actually the first one I made, this one is also 4 cm shorter than the black/pink version. I used french seams for both versions. The seam allowance on this patterns is 1.25cm (1/2") and making the french seams with such a small SA can be tricky but it worked. First 0.6cm and the second stitching just over the 0.6cm . I always press the seam open and that makes a big difference to get that seam exactly on the edge.

This version is made in rayon, also very drapey and perfect for this pattern.
And a small video of the two versions.

Conclusion: great wardrobe staple, perfect for using small yardage of fabrics and heaving the cup sizing is always a plus for me. 

Denim Skirt - Knipmode Skirt , more pictures of it here on Flickr 

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