Thursday, June 21, 2018

Extra Sharp Pencil Skirt-Liesl+co

I think this is the first pencil skirt I ever sew...not this one but this pattern . This denim version is the second one from the Pencil Skirt pattern by Liesl+co. 

I made a size 4 in a thin cotton to test the fit. Also, when I am sewing new things to me, making a muslin helps me also to practice , in this case making the walking vent. The only change I made was to take 0.6cm ( 1/4")  from the vertical seams of the front panel only.

The fabric is a stretch denim. I made a few samples trying to distress the fabric but I didn`t really like the look. So I just went with topstitching the seams.

The pattern has also a longer version and I want to try that too. Maybe also a lined version. On YouTube I found a very good tutorial on how to add/sew a lining on a skirt/dress with a walking vent. I found it very clear .

I added a bit of a detail on the waist facing:), a trim on the edge. I also mitered the corners of the vent, I like the look better than just folding the hem .

The only thing I don`t like is that this fabric refuses to get ironed, also in wrinkles pretty bed, but the skirt fits perfect so I am going to wear it a and call it , crushed denim skirt :))

...and here is the skirt in "action"


  1. Nice! and so perfectly sewn at the back seam, zipper and vent!

    1. Thank you, Beth! If those are not as good as I can make them, I have the feeling that everybody is watching there :)))