Sunday, November 25, 2018

Hollywood trousers with slant pockets -Liesl+co pattern

As a member of Liesl`s Advisors Circle, I get to try the new patterns and make something different with them. My idea for the Hollywood trousers pattern was to add the slant pockets and make them in denim for a more casual look.

First I made a muslin to see how the pattern was fitting me. I started with size 6 for the waist and 8 for the hips but I ended up with an all over 8. Based on the test garment I took 1cm from the inner front seam and 1cm off from the front crotch. I made my test garment in a much softer fabric than this denim, so that was not very smart but I am pretty happy with the fit of these, I think in real life are much less wrinkly than in these pictures.

Also, I took 4cm from the length too. The pattern is pretty easy to make, on the Oliver+S is also a sew along, with pictures and detailed instructions, but the pattern instructions are also very clear.

I love slant pockets! I am not a big fan of side seams pockets so I wanted to add the slant pockets on my Hollywood trousers. I have all Suzy`s Furrer classes on Craftsy and I  remembered I learned the slant pockets in one of her pants drafting classes  . Her classes are really amazing! 

I made a full tutorial on how I drafted the pockets ( I mean, "drafting" is a big word, the process is very simple) and how I sewed those, you can find it at the Oliver+S blog 

picture from the tutorial
For the pockets lining I used a fun cotton and chosen to let the right side of the fabric showing on the inside of the pants. Also, did a french seam finish around the pockets.


I like this pattern and I would love to make it also in a soft wool or a corduroy.


  1. they look fantastic and would be great in wool or corduroy.

  2. So good! I made these in a corduroy last week and love them so much, but these jeans are pretty amazing too!

  3. The fit on this pair of trousers is AMAZING! A beautiful pair!