Sunday, July 1, 2018

Dress Lisette for Butterick #6567

When this pattern was brought on the market I could not wait to get my hands on it. I did buy it very fast, traced my size but then took me a few months to start on it, I don`t know why!?
I love the pockets and all those seams on the front and the back yoke. 
I made also a video review on YouTube, so if you want to see that you can find it here .

This is the first version I made, a very drapey viscose! It did sew beautifully( the picture is bad, it was windy outside, but that hem is not wonky:) but it does wrinkle pretty fast. In this version, I did not like how that front pleat is open up so I thought that a stiffer fabric will keep it better. So I made a second dress in cotton. Finally, I closed the pleat 5 cm down and I do like it better.
I also must say, that I wore this viscose version yesterday, long trip in the car, hot outside, it was perfect! I think I was too focused on that pleat while I was sewing but it is actually ok. 
Both dresses are made with the longer option and obviously the short sleeve.

In the Big4 patterns I am a size 14 , based on my measurements but based on the finished measurements I chose to make size 12. The back, over the shoulders, fits perfect but the front, at the bust area feels a bit lose. Also, I miss a bit shaping in the back, maybe I will change that in a future version. On one of my posts, someone gave me the idea of maybe adding ties on the back, that could be nice too.

The viscose version, maybe because it is so drapey it was feeling really loose so I unpicked the facing and brought the side panel seam a little bit in, it feels much better now. 
The instructions are to slip stitch the facing to the body of the dress but I just topstitched from the outside, much faster and it looks nice too.

Here you can see the dress.

I am happy with this two dresses, perfect for the summer, very easy and comfortable to wear. Also two fabric pieces out of my stash, that gives a good feeling too :))...till Wednesday when I get to go to the local market in Almere and all my destashing plans will go to the drain :))


  1. Oh! I know what you mean. I had to have this pattern, couldn't wait till it arrived, even bought fabric and then....nothing. I like both your dresses, especially the solid blue as it shows off the seaming so well. I agree that the back looks a little plain compared to the front with all these pretty design features. Ties may be a solution!

  2. Hi Marianne, yes, I think ties are the easiest way to add some interest in this. I do wear both dresses, they are really great for the warm days.